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Summer Holiday Fun! – Aug. 2022

Monday 1st August 2022

Hello everyone,

From heatwaves to thunderstorms, you can’t say that the first few weeks of the summer holidays haven’t been eventful. But the weather hasn’t stop me from having some fun…well maybe when we had that awful 40+ degree heatwave – sewing was not an option that week. Anyway, here’s just some of the activities I’ve been ticking off my summer bucket list:-

Tea at The Red Telephone Tearoom by Sew Drops Ltd. 2022

Learning to play golf – So in my last blog, I mentioned that I would be taking up ladies golfing lessons. So far I’ve done 5 weeks, but I already feel like I’ve learnt quite a lot, like how to properly stand, how to swing a variety of different golf clubs (my favourite is the no. 7 iron), and what to do when you hear someone shout “FOUR!” (the answer? Duck!). However, the best part about learning to play golf, is that I’m getting out and about and I’ve been making some new friends along the way. 

Celebrating my Mum’s birthday – Recently my Mum celebrated her 61st birthday and for her special birthday treat, she wanted to go and visit The Red Telephone Box Tearoom, a lovely little spot in Warrington where they serve tea and a variety of scrumptious cakes. We sat outside, sheltered from the rain, eating our sandwiches, whilst overlooking a picturesque pond. We even got to see some ducks and geese. As you can probably tell from my Beatrix Potter-styled narration, we really enjoyed our visit and we’re already making plans to visit again later in the year.

Completing 2 x BIG sewing projects – Over the summer holidays, I’m aiming to get two of my biggest sewing projects completed so that I’ll just be doing smaller / quicker projects leading up to Christmas (ah, Christmas).

Mandy Shaw Alphabet Quilt by Sew Drops Ltd. 2022

Thankfully I’ve already finished one of these approx. 1 week ago, The A-Z quilt. This was a project that my Mum and I have been working on together for the last 12 months. We signed up to one of Mandy Shaw’s Secret Society projects where we were sent 2-3 appliqué blocks per month which would eventually be sewn together to create a mini redwork quilt. I would transfer the designs onto the material and then machine-sew the appliqué letter in place, then hand it over to Mum to do the hand-sewing. Finally, she would then hand it back to me to bind the edges of each block. Our teamwork really paid off, but best of all, our friendship and bond grew even more.

The second project I’m hoping to complete is The Nutcracker quilt; another project from Mandy Shaw which I have been working on over the last 6 months. This quilt will be made up of 12 x patchwork and appliqué blocks depicting the story of the Nutcracker Suite. I’ve managed to create all the blocks for the quilt and I am now ready to put this patchwork-jigsaw together, then it’s just adding the borders and bias binding. I’ll be sure to show you all the finished quilt in a few months’ time…perhaps nearing up to Christmas.

So that’s just 3 things I’ve done so far for the summer holidays. I’m hoping that I’ll have more adventures over the next few weeks, and if I do, I’ll tell you all about those in my next blog.

Now I mentioned in my last blog that we would be getting 2 new fabric ranges in the autumn. The first was Cassandra Connolly’s ‘Meadowside’ collection, but the second collection was a surprise…well I can now reveal that the second fabric collection which will arrive at Sew-Drops at the end of Sept. 2022 will be…Tilda Fabrics ‘Hometown’ Collection! Once Tilda release the images for this collection, I will add the range to our ‘COMING SOON’ page, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, I recently added a couple of important updates to my July blog; the first update was about some NEW Corinne Lapierre kits that have been added to our website, and the second update was about the 1:1 classes. If you haven’t seen those, be sure to just re-read my previous blog.

Thank you all so much for reading this month’s blog. I will be back in September with more news on our Autumn 2022 fabric ranges, Cassandra Connolly’s ‘Meadowside’ collection and Tilda Fabrics ‘Hometown’ collection.

Best wishes,
Rebecca x

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