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Springtime is Here! – Mar. 2020

Sunday 1st March 2020

Sunny spells, lighter nights on the horizon and blooming daffodils – it can mean only one thing… Spring is finally here!

Now as I’ve said in one of my past blogs, I love flowers (I just hate the hay fever that comes with them). Love looking at them, and I love to take photos of them, just like these daffodils.

One of my favourite hobbies is photography; I studied it at A-Level back at college and as the years have gone by, my love for it has only grown. Landscapes & Flowers are my favourite things to photograph (especially flowers that have water drops on them – they remind me of little jewels). I love how I can continue to use my photographic skills today and use them in my own work.

With Spring comes Lent – where some of us give something up for the month leading up to Easter e.g. chocolate, alcohol, etc. which is a really great thing to do. For example, one time I gave up chocolate (on the account that it was making me feel sick after I’d eaten it, so I saw no harm in giving it up for a few weeks) and since then I haven’t had a piece of chocolate for nearly 5 years! You see, it was during that time that I realised that other dairy-based products were making me feel sick too e.g. cream, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, etc. Eventually I put 2 + 2 together and I strongly believe that I have a mild-intolerance to dairy products.

The point of this story is that sometimes giving something up can be for the best (and in my case, it can also make you realise a few things), but if you’re struggling to think of something to give up, why not take this opportunity to try something new instead? Perhaps learn a crafting skill e.g. sewing, needle crafting, knitting, crocheting, painting, etc. The Corinne Lapierre kits would be a great start for a beginner; easy to create, small projects with everything you need to create them inside each individual kit, and not at all time consuming. They really help you to switch off.

This month we also celebrate Mother’s Day – a very special time of the year where we celebrate our mothers. I understand that this time of year can be hard for some people, but if you’re still searching for that perfect gift, perhaps I can help. Firstly, ask yourself the following question, what’s your mother’s favourite hobby? Does she like to sew, or does she want to learn to sew? If the answer is ‘YES’ then treat her to some new fabric(s). Liberty, Lewis & Irene, Free Spirit, Windham & In the Beginning Fabrics; all our fabrics are 100% high-quality cotton. Studies have shown that sewing is extremely relaxing and therapeutic.

If not sewing, does she like to do mini needle craft projects? If the answer is ‘YES’ then I highly recommend our Corinne Lapierre felt craft kits – ranging from mini to large kits with an array of cute felt characters to create. I’ve had a go at making a few of the kits myself over the last few months and they’re so much fun! You get a real sense of pride and achievement when you’ve made your little felt character(s).

Finally, if you’d like to give your mother a gift that’s been handmade, then head on over to the ‘Handmade Gifts’ section here on our website. I have personally made each and every one of our gifts and I am extremely proud of them all. I am accredited with City & Guilds Patchwork & Quilting, Skill Stages 2 & 3. Handmade Gifts available include Cosmetic Bags, Table Runners & Heart Decorations. 

I am delighted to tell you all that I’ve got a SPECIAL SPRING SURPRISE FROM SEW-DROPS! (That’s a lot of S’s). To celebrate the start of a new season, we are offering 20% Off All Liberty Collections for the whole of March 2020! So, what are you waiting for fabric lovers? Check out all our Liberty ranges today and get yourself a bargain!

If you’re ever stuck for what to do make with our fabric collections, I am here to help. I will always be creating and sharing my makes on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Most recently I created some notebook covers with Liberty’s Summer House Collection. You can always message me on our social media pages, or email me at

Well that’s all for March’s blog, thank you all so much for reading – we’ve got so much more to look forward to next month, just you wait and see ?

Best Wishes,
Rebecca x

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