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Happy Birthday to Sew-Drops! – Jul. 2020

Wednesday 1st July 2020

Hi Everyone,

As the title of this month’s blog suggests, Sew-Drops will be celebrating its 1st birthday on the 15th July 2020!

To think that only 12 months ago we were preparing to launch the business (how time flies). Since then, Sew-Drops has continued to grow; gradually expanding on the products and services we offer to customers and making sure that our services are of a very high standard. I couldn’t be prouder of how far it’s come in such a short amount of time, but I couldn’t have done all of this alone – which is why I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every single one of you who has liked and shared our social media pages with friends and family, signed up to our seasonal e-newsletter, or have ordered from us. Without you, Sew-Drops wouldn’t be here. Thank you xx

At the end of last month, we introduced a completely NEW product onto our website…SEAMS Beauty Couturiers Hand Cream. This cream helps to mend and moisturise dry, hardworking hands without leaving an oily residue. Personally, I think it’s great to use before and after sewing, but this hand cream is for anyone who wants their hands to feel soft and look beautiful. This product is made in the UK and is NOT tested on animals. Now I am a big animal lover, and I know many of you are too, so I’m extremely happy that this hand cream is 100% cruelty free. You can now find this product in the ‘SEWING ACCESSORIES’ section on our website.

We were expecting the arrival of Lewis & Irene’s Tomten’s Christmas Collection at the beginning of this month, but it’s been delayed by a couple of weeks. The collection will definitely be arriving in Mid July 2020, just in time for Christmas in July…

Speaking of which, we will be taking part in our very first Christmas in July! Starting on Saturday 25th July and ending on Wednesday 5th August 2020 (the full 12 days), we’ll have plenty of festive (and non-festive) gifts available to purchase for your friends, your family, and yourself (well you’ve got to treat yourself to a little something for Christmas haven’t you?). Also, expect to see some brand NEW Handmade Gifts appearing on our website during this period.

However, if you can’t wait until then, we do have some festive-themed products available now on our website, including Liberty Fabrics ‘Season’s Greetings’ Collection and the Corrine Lapierre felt craft kits. And remember, Christmas gifts don’t always have to be ‘festive’ – anything on our website would make a lovely present for your family, friend or loved one.

Finally, as of today, you will now be able to view the next Lewis & Irene Collection that will be arriving at Sew-Drops sometime around July/August 2020. Check it out in our ‘COMING SOON’ section.

Well that’s all for July’s blog, thank you all so much for reading – we’ve got lots more to look forward to in August’s Blog, with more updates on the latest news and products arriving at Sew-Drops! ?

Best Wishes,
Rebecca x

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