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Fabric Shenanigans – Jul. 2019

Monday 29th July 2019

“Do you remember the first time YOU went into a Fabric Shop?”

A bet a lot of you reading this blog have just nodded, right? Good, because I did too.

For a budding “Sew-er” I don’t think that memory ever leaves you. I remember my first trip like it was yesterday…

I’d only just started sewing; I’d always loved the use of Metallic fabrics in clothes and bags because they just made the item look ‘rich’ – in the sense of it gave products that quality look and feel. Anyway, my first ever project was a Phone Pouch, I was so determined to create one for my phone because I could not find anyone who stocked phone cases for my particular brand of phone – have you ever had that conundrum?

I had my project; I just needed the fabric.

So, I found a local fabric shop down in Culcheth and oh my…words cannot express how I felt at the time but wow just…WOW!! It was wonderful. Mountains of fabric laid out on the shelves, each with a distinct and different design from the next with bright and bold colours catching the corner of my eye.  

I distinctly remember that somewhere in the back of my mind there was a Jiminy Cricket-like voice chanting ‘Becky, you only need a Fat Quarter. Okay? 1 FAT QUARTER!!’

I respectfully decided to ignore that voice.

If I had a mirror, I bet my facial expression resembled that of a kid in a sweet shop and a ring-obsessed Gollum; picking up random bundles of Fat Quarters saying, ‘I want that one, and that one’ and so on.

This went on for a good 5 or 10 minutes until Mum quickly reminded me that I only had a tenner.

As I left the store with my Fat Quarter in hand, I knew that I’d be back, hungry for more. Two years later I have a whole cupboard full of fabric along with 2 sets of Hobbycraft draws-on-wheels consisting of even more fabric and sewing accessories – Half of which I bought just because I liked it!

I really don’t know how it’s happened – actually I kind of do but anyway that’s not the point – the point is that within 2 years, fabric has become as important to me as Food and Water. It’s a necessity!

Now you’d think that with me being all ‘Little Miss Fabric-oholic’ that my Mum (being the more sensible) would be helping me to control my ‘addition’ what with money being scarce – Oh no! She’s as bad as me…if not worse! Over time I’ve worn her down and now she’s my ‘Partner in Fabric-Crime’, my Angel/Devil if you like, whispering things such as “If you like it, get it. It may not be here when you want it!” – Gee yeah thanks Mum, that’s really helpful 😊

So yeah, that’s one of my many fabric stories.

As many of you will know, when there’s sewing there is fabric whether it be…

Bright, Snazzy, Floral or Fancy, Patterned, Plain or BOTH!

Every fabric is different, and EVERYONE has different tastes.

Imagine if there was only one style of fabric, one type of pattern…how boring would the World be?

Thankfully we don’t have to imagine that, because there are so many brands and designers that cater to ALL kinds of tastes: You’ve got Kaffe Fassett, Tula Pink, Morris & Co., Sanderson, Free Spirit Fabrics, Windham Fabrics, Philip Jacobs, Moda, Michael Miller, Henry Glass, Riley Blake, etc.

The list is truly endless.

Thanks to the differentiation of fabric(s) it gives us the ability to experiment; to play around with colour and design and to have fun with our imagination. Personally I love to pair up my fabrics depending on what pattern and colours are used, but most of the time I like to go a bit crazy and just try new combinations that aren’t the norm – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t – but you don’t know unless you try do you? That’s the magic of fabric! By having that much variety and choice (which at times can be a right pain for your credit card), we are able to create things that will be loved and treasured using fabrics that mean something to you or to others.

It’s that personal touch that makes a piece of work.

Although I still very much love Metallic fabrics, I’ve learnt to love so many others along the way; ranging from the vibrant, jazzy designs of Kaffe Fassett & Tula Pink to the subtle and calm designs of Morris & Co and Liberty.

Oh! And speaking of Liberty, I have some exciting news! ‘Sew-Drops’ is now a proud stockist of Liberty FabricsThe Hesketh House & Season’s Greetings Collections are in stock NOW so check them out!

Look out for the NEW Summer House Collection from Liberty arriving in August – September 2019. Also, more collections will be arriving in late September – early October ranging from brands such as Free Spirit, Windham and In the Beginning Fabrics.

We’ll also be stocking a selection of Corinne Lapierre kits which will be available between July-August 2019.

If you enjoyed reading about my Fabric Story, then I’d love to hear yours, SEW please get in touch using either our Facebook page or email me at [email protected]

Love to all you Sew-Droppers! (That’s a name I’m working on for my followers – I may change it)

See you next month,

Rebecca xxx

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